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Why do you dislike Pete?

PLEASE STOP SPAMMING MY ASK BOX WITH THIS QUESTION!!! If you are even a casual follower of my blog, then you would know I shipped Andy and Erin and I’m very disappointed they broke them up they way they did! And yeah I mostly blame Pete because of his slippery moves. I also don’t believe Pete really brings anything to the show, other than being (a very poor man’s) Jim Halpert which I think trying to re-create Jim and Pam with Pete and Erin was not at all necessary OR EFFECTIVE.

  1. watsonaut said: Andy is a preppy freak, the office pariah, and nobody likes him. Don’t get me wrong, I like the character, but this character genuinely wanted to marry Angela for a time. He’s just an idiot. Some people just don’t find someone. Cook for one.
  2. ohmydama said: Amen!!!!
  3. identiffy said: oh my lord marry me
  4. swareksmcnallys said: I will slit whoever’s throat that thinks they could EVER re-create jim and pam. Fucking never.
  5. lesb1an said: at least pete isn’t dreadful clark!
  6. statementofbeing said: Yeah! I completely hate the way they broke Andy and Erin up because they made Andy look like such a bad guy. sdlkfhksd the frustration.
  7. timelooping said: I agree!! I actually fail to see how Pete and Erin are like Jim and Pam at all to be honest. I think all three of them should just be single. They’re all great individually.
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