if anyone wants any gifs from tonight’s episode you’re welcome to request and i’ll do it sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. really enjoyed this episode and i think i might finally be an erin/pete convert … idk i just like to see erin being strong and in charge and pete has been there for her while andy has been disappeared. that being said, i liked seeing andy back! weird haircut or not, some of his moments tonight, just like… the things he said, reminded me of michael’s managing style but guess what dwight deserves your job andy so if you get fired next week i’m not gonna feel all that sorry :/ ALSO pam has absolutely nothing to hide from jim right but why is brian still in the picture and why is he leaving his wife? i was kinda hoping this would be the last we would see of brian but maybe no. btw i was right about alyssa being the wife ;) anyways those are my thoughts for now.

  1. travisspazz said: Hell yeah Dwight deserves Andy’s job!! Andy was gone for 3 months and lost the Whale!!
  2. dwightdanger said: I hope we don’t see a lot of Brian after this. Pam’s comment to Jim at the end of the episode settled it for me and I don’t think there issues need to be dealt with through Pam x Brian anymore.
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